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Phone Features Information

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Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Forward Variable

Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Last Call Return
Priority Call
Selective Call Rejection
Speed Call List
Three-Way Calling

Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject incoming calls marked "Private" or "Anonymous." Calls marked "Private" or "Anonymous" are those calls on which line blocking has been activated in order to prevent name and number information from passing to you. The calling customer whose call is marked "Private" or "Anonymous" will receive a message stating that the party you are calling does not accept blocked calls and to reach this person you must unblock your line and dial the number again.

To Activate - Press *77
To Deactivate - Press *87

Call Forward Variable

Call Forwarding is a programming feature which allows you to forward all incoming calls to a different telephone number. Once activated, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the programmed number. Incoming calls may be transferred to any telephone number (local, long distance, toll free, etc.).

To activate Call Forwarding, follow these steps:

  • Press *72

  • Immediately dial the forwarding number. (Area code does not need to be dialed if it is a local number.)

  • There will be a stutter dial tone and then a call will automatically be placed to the forwarding number.

  • The call must be answered for Call Forwarding to be activated.

  • Complete these steps twice if the call was not answered to activate.

To verify Call Forwarding is activated:

  • Press *72.

  • A busy signal or error announcement confirms that Call Forwarding is activated.

To deactivate Call Forwarding:

  • Press *73.

  • Two quick tones followed by dial tone will confirm that Call Forwarding is deactivated.

Call Transfer

Call Transfer allows you to transfer an incoming call to any number that can be directly dialed, including long distance, and hang up without disconnecting the call.

To activate Call Transfer:

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key. This places the caller on "hold" and provides a special dial tone.

  • Dial the number to which the caller will be transferred.

Do one of the following:

  • Hang up to complete the transfer.

  • Stay on the line until the distant party answers. Introduce the call then hang up.

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key before or after the third party answers to allow for three-way conversation.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows you to receive a second call while you are already on the line. A brief tone alerts you that another call is waiting to be answered.

To answer a Call Waiting call:

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key to place the first call on hold. Connection with the Call Waiting caller is automatic.

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key to alternate between calling parties.

To deactivate Call Waiting:

  • Press *70. This can be done prior to placing a call or during an existing call.

To restore Call Waiting:

  • The call is automatically restored when terminated.

Call Waiting ID:

  • Call Waiting ID allows incoming Call Waiting calls to be visually displayed on your Call Waiting ID display or Caller ID capable phone.

Caller ID

Caller ID Name & Number displays the name and/or number of the calling party before you answer the phone. Caller ID requires that you either have or purchase a phone capable of displaying caller ID.

Last Call Return

Last Call Return/Callback allows you to hear the telephone number of the last incoming call, regardless of whether or not the call was answered. Last Call Return/Callback also allows you to "prompt" ImOn service to redial the telephone number at the last incoming call by dialing "1." The automatic redial function of this feature redials the number for up to 30 minutes and providing a distinctive ring when the call can be completed. Telephone numbers from incoming calls which are blocked are not given out with Last Call Return/Callback services, however the service will allow you to dial "1" to have ImOn service dial the number back.

To activate Last Call Return/Callback:

  • Press *69 (1169 from a rotary phone).

  • A distinctive ring will notify the user that the call can be completed. Once the phone is picked up, ImOn service will automatically ring the called party.

Deactivate Last Call Return/Callback:

  • Press *89.

Priority Call

Priority Call provides you with a distinctive ring or call waiting tone (if you subscribe to Call Waiting) when called from preselected telephone numbers. You can construct/modify the screening list. If you also subscribe to Call Waiting, a distinctive tone is heard for the selected set of numbers you choose. Calls other than from your selected numbers are received with a standard ring pattern.

To active Priority Call:

  • Press *61.

  • Follow the voice prompt instructions for establishing the Call Screening list.

These voice prompts allow the user to:

  • Create a list of numbers.

  • Add or delete numbers from the list.

  • Review the list.

  • Obtain dialing instructions.

To deactivate Priority Call:

  • Press *81.

  • Follow the voice prompt instructions.

  • 7 or 10 digit numbers are allowed.

  • It is not necessary to program the 1+ for toll calls.

  • Toll Free (800, 888, 877) numbers are not allowed.

  • International numbers are not allowed.

  • To remove all numbers from the list, press *08 and hang up.

Selective Call Rejection

Selective Call Rejection gives you the option to block certain numbers from calling your phone.

To active Selective Call Rejection:

  • Press *60
  • Follow the voice prompts

To add entries to the call rejection list:

  • Press the # key
  • To remove 1 or more entries press the * key
  • To hear the entries on your list dial 1

Speed Call List

Speed Call 8 allows you to dial frequently called numbers by dialing a two-digit code in place of the entire telephone number. The Speed Calling list is available with an 8-number capacity. Both local and long distance numbers can be programmed in the Speed Calling List. (For long distance numbers a "1" must be included).

To establish a Speed Calling list, follow these steps:

  1. Assign a Speed Calling code number (1-8) to each phone number you want on the Speed Calling List.

  2. Speed Calling 8 codes are numbers 1 through 8.

  3. Press *74.

  4. Wait for a second dial tone.

  5. Push the Speed Calling code (1-8) immediately followed by the telephone number you want associated with that code.

  6. A tone confirms that the code number and the associated phone number are recorded.

  7. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each number on the Speed Calling List.

To activate Speed Calling 8:

  • Dial the Speed Calling code (1-8) plus #. Example: 6#.

Three-Way Calling

To activate Three-Way Calling:

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key.

  • This places the caller on "hold" and provides three brief tones followed by a dial tone.

  • Dial the number of the party you want added to the conversation.

  • When the party answers, you may talk privately before completing the three-way connection.

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key to return the first person to the line and complete the three-way connection.

To disconnect a Three-Way Call:

  • Press down on the switch hook or use the flash key.

  • This will drop the third party from the connection.

  • All 3 connections disconnect when the Three-Way Calling subscriber hangs up.