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FAQs - Phone

With ImOn Phone, staying connected has never been so simple. You can always get through to the people who matter most, and thanks to our advanced fiber optic network, you’ll always hear them  crystal-clear.

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  1. Q. How do I set up my ImOn Voicemail?
  2. Q. How do I make a Long Distance call?
  3. Q. What types of calls are included in ImOn Long Distance services?
  4. Q. Does ImOn offer Wire Care options?
  5. Q. Does ImOn offer Toll Free service?
  6. Q. What directory listing services are available to me?
  7. Q. Can I keep my exisiting phone number?
  8. Q. If my electricity goes out, will my phone go out, too?
  9. Q. I pay for caller ID, so why don't I receive caller ID information on every call?


  1. A. Click here to access the ImOn voicemail guide, which provides you step-by-step instructions on how to use your voicemail.

  2. A. Simply pick up the phone and dial "1" plus the 10 digit phone number you are calling. The ImOn network will connect the call to the dialed party.

  3. A. Call as much as you like, anytime of the day to where in the continental United States for either $0.05 or $0.07 per minute. Calls to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands are only $.12 per minute! Please note: ImOn local service requires you to sign up for the $0.05 per minute or $0.07 per minute long distance plans. There is a $4.98 monthly fee for the $0.05 per Minute Plan, but no monthly fee for the $0.07 per Minute Plan.

  4. A. Yes, Wire Care can protect you from charges associated with routine testing and diagnostic work on your phone, cable, and Internet lines and repair or replacement of standard wiring and jacks. Wire Care is available at a low monthly rate per phone line. Certain exclusions may apply.

  5. A. Yes, a toll free number makes it easy for family or business associates to stay in touch - and you pay competitive long distance rates.

  6. A. As a residential customer,  you can add additional directory listing options to your local service for a nominal monthly recurring charge. These options include: Cross-Reference Listing, Additional Listing, Temporary Listing, Alternate Listing, Foreign Listing, Informational Listing, Non-Listed, and Non-Published Listing.
    • Non-Listed: Customer information is not listed in the phone book, but is listed in Directory Assistance.
    • Non-Published: Customer information is not listed in phone book or Directory Assistance.

  7. A. In most cases, yes. If you have a local telephone number, you will be able to retain that number with ImOn.

  8. A. ImOn phone service is powered by our Network. As long as you have a phone that is wired, you should not lose phone service. However, any cordless phones in your home powered by electricity, will not work until electrical service is restored to your home.

  9. A. There are three situations that may cause you not to receive caller ID information:
    • The phone you are using is not configured to receive caller ID information.
    • The calling party is calling from an area that does not support caller ID.
    • The calling party has chosen to block their ID or be listed as private or anonymous.

ImOn_Color_Main_Survey.jpgFor any questions we didn't answer, please contact ImOn by calling 319-298-6484 or emailing Support@ImOn.net.

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