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Troubleshooting - Wireless Gateway

  1. Q. My wireless connection is slow or intermittently dropping.
  2. Q. I'm having trouble connecting wirelessly to the Internet from my computer.
  3. Q. My power light is off.


1. A. Reduce Interference -On the Wireless Primary Network Page, check whether the WPA Encryption type is TKIP. If all of your wireless clients support AES, change the WPA Encryption to AES.

Modem Placement - Make sure your modem is in a place that has access to circulating air, and is away from anything that produces heat. When electronic components get excessively hot they will not work properly. Placing the modem in a higher location allows for better coverage, like on a shelf.


2. A. Validate wireless is enabled:

  • Confirm that your device has wireless capability and that the wireless capability is turned on. For built-in wireless adapters consult the device documentation on how to enable WiFi. If you cannot locate the support documentation for your device, click here and find instructions on how to connect the device to your wireless network.
  • If you have a USB wireless adapter, unplug the adapter, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.
  • Restart your computer, and then try to connect to your wireless network again.

Power Settings: You are unable to access the internet after the computer goes into hibernation mode. Balanced or power saver settings increase battery life by reducing or turning off power to devices like wireless adapters. Try changing your power settings to 'Always On' or 'High Performance'.

  • Windows 7: select "start". select "search". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "High Performance".
  • Windows Vista: Select "start". Select "search". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "High Performance".
  • Windows XP: Select "Start". Select "run". Type powercfg.cpl. Select "OK". Select "Always On".
  • Macintosh OSX: Select "Apple". Select "system preferences". Select "energy saver". Select "power adapter" tab. Check "Wake for Airport network access".


 3. A. Check outlet: Check that the SBG6580 is properly plugged into the electrical outlet. Check that the electrical outlet is working. Press the RESET button on the rear panel.