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Connecting Wi-Fi Devices

It's time to connect your WiFi enabled devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming systems, etc.). First, you will need your Network Name (SSID) and Wireless Network Password in order to connect your devices. Check the underside of your Wireless Gateway modem if you have forgotten your Network Name or Password.

You will find a basic chart below to quickly connect to your wireless network. For further explanation, please refer to the device links below or your device support documentation for instructions on how to connect to your wireless network.

Let’s go ahead and get you connected!

  1. Locate your Wireless Network Name (SSID)
  2. Key in your Wireless Network Password. Keep in mind that this can be case-sensitive.
  3. Press the confirmation button. Typically, this may be listed as “Join”, “Connect” or “OK”.
  4. Test your Internet connection by pulling up your web browser going to google.com. The page should come up.
  5. If you aren’t getting a connection to the Internet, please repeat these steps.

WiFi Device Support Links