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FAQ's - Internet

Thank you for choosing ImOn high-speed Internet! This section is full of helpful information about your ImOn Internet service.

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  1. Q. What are the differences between ImOn High Speed Internet and DSL?
  2. Q. How do I integrate my ImOn email account with my email client program?
  3. Q. I'm trying to send a very large file in an email, but it won't go through. Why?
  4. Q. Why can I load some Web pages but not others?
  5. Q. Can I purchase my own modem?
  6. Q. Why can't I get online after moving my modem to a different location?
  7. Q. How does the Internet equipment connect to my computer?
  8. Q. Can I connect more than one computer to my Internet service?
  9. Q. What are my networking options?


  1. A. ImOn cable Internet delivers content directly to your personal computer using a cable connection and a cable modem. ImOn High Speed Internet provides the tools a customer needs to participate fully in the online community at speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional dial-up service. The result is a fast, high-speed cable Internet connection. Digital Subscriber Line technology, otherwise known as DSL, is modem technology that uses ordinary phone lines to connect to the Internet. You must have a DSL modem and live within a certain distance of your telephone company's central office to get DSL Internet service.

  2. A. Click here to access client program configuration guides.

  3. A. Our servers will allow you to send a file, or group of files, in a single email that collectively add up to a maximum of 10MB. Any file or group of files larger than that will be rejected by our servers. Try reducing the size of the file or condensing size of attachment and resending.

  4. A. Typically, this means that the server hosting the web page you're trying to access may be "down," experiencing high volumes of traffic, or that the web page has moved. Verify that you have the correct URL and try again or wait a few minutes before reloading the page.

  5. A. Yes? Please call ImOn Customer Care at 319-298-6484 for a list of approved modems that are compatible with our network. If the modem you want to buy is not on the list, then it will not work with your ImOn Internet service. Keep in mind, if you buy your own modem from an outside vendor and do not use one of ImOn’s, we will not support that modem should you have any issues with it. When you use an ImOn-provided modem, your equipment is protected should the modem stop working properly. We do not offer tech support for non-ImOn modems.

  6. A. The outlet you moved the modem to may not be configured for Internet service. If you need the modem moved to a different room, contact Customer Care at 298-6484 to schedule a service call to ensure the modem is working correctly.

  7. A. The cable is run to a modem, then the modem is connected to your computer via a Netowrk Interface Card (NIC), sometimes called an Ethernet card. It's as simple as that.

  8. A. Yes. More than one home computer can be wired to receive ImOn Internet service through the use of wireless Internet.

  9. A. ImOn Internet Support does not provide support for home networking solutions. This includes devices such as hubs, routers, switches, and firewall solutions. The only hardware devices and/or software applications that are supported by ImOn are those that are provided directly to our customers from ImOn. Therefore, we cannot offer technical support for any type of home network configurations.

ImOn_Color_Main_Survey.jpgFor any questions we didn't answer, please contact ImOn by calling 319-298-6484 or emailing Support@ImOn.net.

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