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ImOnMail.com Email


ImOn email is included with your Internet. Call ImOn Customer Care at 319-298-6484 to set it up!

If you would like to get your ImOnMail emails through a third-party email application such as Outlook, you will need to configure your mail client with the specific information below. Set up varies from program to program. 

 IMAP Server Settings:

Type: Server:     Authentication/Security:        Port:   
    Incoming        imonmail.com    IMAP   993  
Outgoing      smtp.imonmail.com      SSL 587


POP3 Server Settings:

   Type: Server:     Authentication/Security:     Port:
    Incoming         imonmail.com     SSL or POP3     110 or 995    
    Outgoing        smtp.imonmail.com     SSL 587


Log-On Information:
1.) User Name: Use your FULL email address, including the @imonmail.com. Note: usernames are case sensitive.
2.) Password: The password entered when the email ID was created. Note: If you have forgotten your password ImOn cannot give it to you or verify if a password is correct or now. We can only reset it for you.

Other Information:
-The message size limit for an ImOn email through the Webmail web-browser platform is 1.9Mb in size. The message size limit for an ImOn email using another email client (Outlook, Apple mail, etc.) is 10Mb in size.
-The ImOn email Mailbox size is 256Mb
-ImOn customers are also restricted to only being able to send 100 email messages in a 30 minute window through their @imonmail.com email address
-ImOn customers may keep their ImOn email account for 30 days after services are cancelled.
-If an ImOn email account is not accessed in 180 days, the account will automatically be terminated.