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ImOnMail.com Email

Please note that ImOn only provides customer support for email access and retrieval issues for the ImOn Email platform only. ImOn does not offer advanced troubleshooting support for customers experiencing issues or attempting to configure or reconfigure their third-party email clients to retrieve their mail. Only issues that can be duplicated by us and determined to be caused by the server itself will be investigated, troubleshot and resolved to the best of our ability. 

If you would like to get your ImOnMail emails through a third-party email application such as Outlook, you will need to configure your mail client with the specific information below. Email client configuration steps may vary from one platform to the other. 

 IMAP Server Settings:

Type: Server:     Authentication/Security:        Port:   
    Incoming        imonmail.com    IMAP   993  
Outgoing      smtp.imonmail.com      STARTTLS 587


POP3 Server Settings:

   Type: Server:     Authentication/Security:     Port:
    Incoming         imonmail.com     SSL or POP3     110 or 995    
    Outgoing        smtp.imonmail.com     STARTTLS 587

*Note:  For Gmail users, should select the following option for the SMTP (Outgoing server): STARTTLS (Accept All Certificates)

**If you access your ImOn email through an external email client, such as Outlook or Gmail, you may need to update some settings in order for the email client to work properly. The setting changes are listed below.


Log-On Information:
1.) User Name: Use your FULL email address, including the @imonmail.com. Note: usernames are case sensitive.
2.) Password: The password entered when the email ID was created. Note: If you have forgotten your password ImOn cannot help you retrieve or verify your current password, for both your own security as well as ours. We will only be able to help you reset your password.

Other Information:
-The message size limit for an ImOn email through the Webmail web-browser platform is 1.9Mb in size. The message size limit for an ImOn email using another email client (Outlook, Apple mail, etc.) is 10Mb in size.
-The ImOn email Mailbox size is 256Mb
-ImOn customers are also restricted to only being able to send 100 email messages in a 30 minute window through their @imonmail.com email address
-ImOn customers may keep their ImOn email account for 30 days after services are cancelled.
-If an ImOn email account is not accessed in 180 days, the account will automatically be terminated.