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Internet Help

Thank you for choosing ImOn high-speed Internet! This section is full of helpful information about your ImOn Internet service.

Discover the Speed You Need!

Whether you’re an avid binge-watcher, extreme gamer or social media butterfly, ImOn Speed Analyzer can help you find the perfect Internet speed to keep you connected!


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A lot of things can affect your wireless Internet speed including number of users online, types of devices accessing the Internet, and more.

For simple tips to help maximize your wireless Internet speed, click here.

Freedom High Speed Internet

Freedom Internet provides you with reliable network, giving you the freedom to access all the things you love and everything you need. You can play games, pay bills, work from home, or watch movies. Access your Internet the way you choose! 


Fiber-to-the-Home Internet

Imagine immediate downloads, rapid uploads and superior-definition television. Imagine no more! ImOn Fiber-to-the-Home Internet service delivers the most reliable and consistent customer experience available – all from the most fiber-deep network in the corridor. Have the freedom to surf, shop, game, binge watch and more all at your fingertips! Mach Internet speeds are available in Fiber-to-the-Home areas only.