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How to Rescan Your TV

How to Rescan your digital tune and flat screen TVs to pick up the new channel numbers

Even among manufacturers, each television has its own steps for rescanning. Every remote is different, too, and often the words ENTER, OK, or SELECT are interchangeable. The process remains basically the same.

In general, you need to get into the brains of your television to TELL it what you want to see. If you still have the owner's manual for your TV or converter box, now would be a great time to find it. We have included links here to popular television brands. You can use those links to find your model of television (usually shown on the rear of your set) to get the manual that matches.

To Begin Scanning for Channels:

To rescan your TV for new channels, use your remote to find the MENU, SETUP, or SETTINGS function. The UP/DOWN, and LEFT/RIGHT buttons help you move from step to step through the on-screen menu.

  1. Navigate to your television's Menu (or setting) by pressing the MENU or SETTINGS button on your TV remote.
  2. Look for an option that says TUNER, TUNER SETUP, CHANNELS, SYSTEM, or SETTINGS in the main menu. If asked, your tuner mode is cable or digital cable.
  4. Press ENTER, OK, or SELECT to start the scan.
  5. Some televisions may warn you that starting a scan will reprogram your channels. That's OK! Reprogramming your tuner is exactly what you want to do to access the upgrades and new channels.
  6. Once the scan starts, it can take just a few minutes or 15 – 30 minutes to complete. DON"T stop the process once it starts.
  7. Many televisions quit the process on their own. With some TVs, you may need to select OK or EXIT on your remote. hen the search is done, press the CHANNEL UP/DOWN buttons on yoru remote to view the available channels.  

NOTE: All TV manufactureers and models differ so menu options will vary. The best way to cmplete the channel scan is to refer to the TV owner's manual. Also, note thatsome manufacturers have you use the LEFT/RIGHT arrow to access menu functions. Sometimes they throw you a curve ball and make the CHANNEL UP/DOWN and VOLUME UP/DOWN double as menu navigation. 

 Support for Specific TV Brands