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ImOn Providing Gigabit Fiber Internet for Creative Adventure Lab in Dubuque

August 02, 2018 at 11:19 AM

Dubuque, Iowa – ImOn Communications announced today it is collaborating with Creative Adventure Lab of Dubuque, by providing free, ultra-fast, fiber optic Internet service to support their new Innovation Lab Project. This is also ImOn’s first customer to be installed in the Dubuque market.

The project is a joint venture between ImOn Communications and Creative Adventure Lab.  ImOn has covered the initial cost of installing the state-of-the-art broadband fiber network for the space and will cover the ongoing costs for support, maintenance, and Internet bandwidth for the network.

“ImOn’s proven reliability and dedication to great customer service is something we really value. We are excited to partner with ImOn Communications to make blazing fast fiber optic Internet a premier amenity in our new Innovation Lab,” said Eric Dregne, Innovation Lab Program Director.

This collaboration compliments ImOn’s mission of creating connections in the communities they serve and is an excellent example of how public/private partnerships can be formed to provide valuable new services to members of the community.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Creative Adventure Lab,” explained Justin Stinson, ImOn Vice President and General Manager of the Dubuque Market. “This will provide fiber technology that enables ultra-fast and reliable Internet service to their new space. This is such a great community asset and having robust ImOn Internet connectivity available only magnifies the possibilities this space offers.”

“ImOn Communications has been a great partner and we appreciate their support as we launch our Innovation Lab. Their dedication to helping businesses in Dubuque with fast, reliable access to Internet is in perfect alignment with our goal to support innovation and entrepreneurship,” adds Jordan DeGree, Executive Director of Creative Adventure Lab.

Creative Adventure Lab is a nonprofit organization that houses a diverse collection of programs that help people of all ages discover, strengthen, and apply creative thinking and innovation skills. In order to foster innovation among entrepreneurs, businesses, and community organizations, the Creative Adventure Lab is expanding its facility and launching a new program called the Innovation Lab. This new project creates a 7,000 square foot facility featuring co-working facilities, meeting and event space, and a business incubator. The Innovation Lab is scheduled to open this fall and you can learn more at advntr.org/innovation-lab