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ImOn Communications to Celebrate World Wi-Fi Day

June 20, 2018 at 11:58 AM

To celebrate World Wi-Fi Day, on June 20th, ImOn Communications will be providing unlimited FREE Wi-Fi Internet access to all citizens at any of our 8 public Wi-Fi locations across the corridor. Typically, the general public only receives 2 hours of free access daily.

World Wi-Fi Day is a global initiative, developed by the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB) and Wireless Broadband Alliance, to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in getting cities and communities connected around the world.

 Access to the Internet provides people the opportunity to increase their economic growth, improve social mobility and computer literacy, as well as enhance their educational prospects. However, according to the Wireless Broadband Alliance, 4 billion people around the world still have no Internet access.

ImOn Communications supports World Wi-Fi Day and is committed to helping bridge the digital divide and deliver connectivity to everyone.  ImOn’s Free Wi-Fi network is connected to ImOn’s high-speed 10 gigabit fiber network and has the ability to accommodate hundreds of thousands of users daily.

The community can enjoy the unlimited Free Wi-Fi Internet on Wednesday, June 20th, at the following locations: Downtown Cedar Rapids, Newbo City Market, McGrath Amphitheatre, Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, all Hiawatha city parks, and the Iowa City Ped Mall. (map attached)