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ImOn Communications Announces Gigabit Fiber-to-the-Home Residential Service Offering

April 29, 2015 at 2:40 PM

ImOn Communications, a leading local provider of data and communications products and services to residents and businesses in Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha began offering 1 gigabit (1,000Mbps) download speeds today to residents in Marion and Hiawatha who are connected via ImOn’s fiber-to-the-home technology.

“Gigabit Internet will quickly become an essential service for families,” said Patrice Carroll, ImOn President and CEO. “Residents are demanding maximum download speeds, high upload speeds, and reliability of service from their broadband provider. Our gigabit fiber-to-the-home service delivers on all fronts.”

ImOn’s new residential fiber-to-the-home Internet services include the following:

Fiber Internet 150Mb (up to 150Mbps download/75Mbps upload speed) - $64.98/month standard price
Fiber Internet 500Mb (up to 500Mbps download/250Mbps upload speed) - $99.98/month standard price
Fiber Internet 1Gig (up to 1,000Mbps download/500Mbps upload speed) - $149.98/month standard price

“The arrival of ImOn’s 1 gigabit fiber-to-the-home residential service is a huge win for the Hiawatha community, said Hiawatha Mayor Tom Theis. “Our residents are consuming more Internet bandwidth than ever, and having gigabit connectivity is critical to being able to embrace the connected home of the future.”

ImOn’s gigabit service is 100 times faster than a residential service of 10Mb.

“Marion’s vision has always been to become a connected community, and ImOn’s gigabit fiber-to-the-home offering is a huge step in the right direction towards achieving that vision, said Marion Mayor Snooks Bouska. “We have all heard about the benefits of Google’s fiber communities and we are excited to see our own gigabit community become a reality with ImOn’s investment in Marion.”

ImOn will also offer its gigabit residential service in limited areas of Cedar Rapids as it expands its network into new neighborhoods.

About ImOn Communications
Formed in 2007, ImOn Communications is the local provider of high-speed Internet, cable TV, data and telephone services to residents of Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha. ImOn provides businesses in the Corridor with advanced communication solutions to help organizations of all sizes meet their business objectives. ImOn is locally owned and operated and offers customers value and choice for services. For more information regarding ImOn Communications, visit www.ImOn.net or call 319-298-6484.