Invoice Sample

  1. Account Number: Your unique Account Number. Provide this number when calling Customer Care.
  2. Statement Date: The date the current bill was printed.
  3. Due Date: The date your bill payment should be received by ImOn.
  4. Total Amount Due: Total amount due on your account. This amount does NOT include the bundle benefit discount amount for which you may be eligible.
  5. Bundle Benefit: The amount you may deduct from Total Amount Due if you pay by the Due Date. This is the discount you earn by taking multiple ImOn services.
  6. Bundle Benefit Amount Due: Net amount due if payment is received by ImOn by Due Date.
  7. Previous Balance: The balance due on your previous month's bill before adding charges for the current month.
  8. Past Due Balance: The unpaid balance on your account including payments made but before adding current charges.
  9. Total Current Charges: The total charges for services for the current month.
  10. Payments Received Through Statement Date: Payments received through statement date, including payments made at time of install.

Prorated Charges:

Your first ImOn bill will likely contain prorated chargs. When a service is started in the middle of a billing cycle there will be prorated charges reflecting this partial first month of services.