Invoice Sample

  1. Account Number: Your unique Account Number. Provide this number when calling Customer Care.
  2. Statement Date: The date the current bill was printed.
  3. Due Date: The date your bill payment should be received by ImOn.
  4. Total Amount Due: Total amount due on your account. 
  5. Previous Balance: The balance due on your previous month's bill before adding charges for the current month.
  6. Past Due Balance: The unpaid balance on your account including payments made but before adding current charges.
  7. Total Current Charges: The total charges for services for the current month.
  8. Payments Received Through Statement Date: Payments received through statement date, including payments made at time of install.

Prorated Charges:

Your first ImOn bill will likely contain prorated chargs. When a service is started in the middle of a billing cycle there will be prorated charges reflecting this partial first month of services.