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Troubleshooting - Cable TV

1. If you push the Master Power (PWR) button on one of your devices (TV or Digital Box) and one is powering off while the other is powering off: The remote and devices are out of sync. Go to the TV and Digital box. One will not be powered on. Turn it on so both devices are on. This will re-sync the devices to the remote.

2. If the TV is on and box didn't turn on: Press the CBL button and this will turn the box on without affecting the power to the TV.

3. My picture seems distorted or fuzzy. What do I do? If you have a set-top box, check for loose cables, tighten finger tight. Verify that your TV is set to the correct input source.

4. Why can I see picture, but can't hear any sound? First, make sure the MUTE button hasn't been pressed. To turn the MUTE feature off, press the MUTE button on that particular component again. Also, try turning the volume up on your TV. Finally, if you use audio cables, verify that the cables attached to the AUDIO INPUT JACKS on the back of your set-top box and your TV or home theatre system have been properly attached and are tight.

5. What do I do if there is no video picture on the TV screen? Make sure that both your TV and set-top box are powered "on." Next, check that your remote is set to the appropriate input source and that you are tuned to an authorized cable channel. Finally, if your TV or set-top box is connected to a home theatre system, make sure that the home theatre system is powered on too, and that the cables are correctly connected. If any cable connection are loose, hand-tighten them.