AMC Networks Announcement

As your LOCAL cable TV provider, we work hard every day to provide you the best value in cable TV. We negotiate with network programmers to provide you with a wide variety of content at reasonable prices.  After recent negotiations with AMC Networks, ImOn has made the difficult decision to discontinue offering these networks in our cable programming as of June 11 when our current agreement expires.

The channels which will no longer be offered include:

AMC - channels 60 and 864
BBC America - channels 79 and 879
Independent Film Channel - channels 73 and 873
Sundance Film - channels 83 and 883 
WE TV - channels 69 and 869

ImOn does not believe the value of these networks warrant the price increases that the network plans to charge, which would have been passed on to you in your cable TV package pricing. We have included below a list of alternative methods for you to view the content currently on the AMC Networks.

We appreciate your cable TV business and your understanding as we make these sometimes difficult decisions.

Alternative Viewing Options

Below are alternative ways for you to view the content currently on the AMC Network channels.







Why won’t you just pay what AMC Networks is asking?
As a small, local business, we can thrive only when we deliver the best possible value for you from all of our services. We worked towards an agreement that would not burden our customers with excessive price increases but were not able to reach such an agreement. With the hundreds of channels we offer our customers, imagine the impact to your monthly bill if we just agreed to pay networks whatever they asked.

I pay a lot for my cable service. Can’t you use that money to pay for this increase?
Rising programming costs – like the one that AMC was demanding – affect ALL providers including DIRECTV and Dish, and increase your cable bill every year. We absorb as much of these increases as possible, but we are not able to cover all of them. We are working hard to keep future price increases to a minimum by negotiating hard for you with all programmers.

Will you offer a refund for dropping these networks?
We have made the decision to discontinue our agreement with AMC in order to minimize future increases in your cable TV programming fees. While there will not be a refund or credit for the AMC networks now, you can expect a lower fee increase at the end of the year due to this decision. In December 2020 ImOn added an additional eight HD channels and expanded the Local TV lineup to include an additional 24 channels without passing those increased costs to customers.  The only fee increases passed to customers at the beginning of this year were increases being charged by programmers for existing channels.

If you are trying to control costs, why does my bill seem to go up every year?
While we pledge to hold prices as low as possible, annual adjustments are necessary because of the rising cost of Network fees and other factors. In fact, Network fees have increased at 3½ times the rate of inflation over the past 15 years. As your local TV provider, we absorb a portion of those increases and pass along a portion to our customers.

Is there another way that customers can access programming from these networks after June 11th?
Yes – you can still enjoy many of these networks’ shows, both online and on your TV. You’ll find a list of viewing options listed above. You can also visit which includes a tool to help you find other ways to watch your favorites.