How To's

Registration is simple, follow the steps below.
*Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your account to become active after you sign up.

1. Go to ImOn's Watch TV Everywhere homepage

2. Select the register tab to sign up your ImOn account.

3. Fill out the registration form

  • Account Number: Enter your ImOn account number. This can be found on your ImOn invoice.
  • Last Name on Statement: Enter the last name of the main ImOn account holder.
  • Verification Code: Enter the code found next to the box.
  • First Name: Enter your first name.
  • Last Name: Enter your last name.
  • Create Password: Enter a password, which will be used to sign into your account.
  • Retype Password: Retype your password.
  • Pasword Resent Question: Select a question from the drop down menu. This question will be asked to verify your identity if you forget your password.
  • Email Address: Enter your email address. An email will be sent to this address with an authorization link to complete the registration process.
  • Retype Email Address: Retype your email address.

4. Click Register.

5. A message will appear indicating that your email address is either the primary or secondary email address registered under your account. The primary is the first email address registered with your account number. All other email accounts (up to 4 per ImOn account) are secondary users. Click Create Account.

6. A message will appear indicating an email was sent to the email address you entered with the activation link. The email is from Watch TV Everywhere Registration with the subject line of Watch TV Everywhere-Activation Link

7. Access your email account to open the Watch TV Everywhere Registration email message. If the email is not in your inbox verify it did not go into your junk box.

8. Click the link to activate your account.

9. A new window will open up in your internet browser with the message "your account is now activated." You are now registered to access ImOn TV Everywhere content.

10. Select the Log in tab.

11. Enter your email address and Watch TV Everywhere password. Click Login.

12. You can now start watching TV Everywhere by selecting the channel you want to watch.


How to Register for Max GO

Follow the instructions below or download the instructions here for how to register for MAX GO.

Let's Get Started!

Important note prior to registering:
The primary ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account will need to be registered first, in order for the other users to register. To find the primary account log into your ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account, click on the Manage Account tab at the top of the page and select the Display Registered Accounts link. The primary account will be listed as Primary under the Acct Type column.

1. Sign into your ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account at Remember to select ImOn Communications as your TV provider.

Don't have an ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account? Click here to register or select the Register tab and complete the registration form. You will need your ImOn account number and the last name on your account.

2. Click on the MAX GO channel icon from the list of available channels. You will be redirected to the MAX GO homepage.

3. Click on the Sign In tab at the top of the page. The Select Provider pop up window will appear.

4. Select the More button at the bottom of the provider list.

5. Click the drop down arrow on the "Select Your Television Provider" box.

6. Select wTVe (Watch TV Everywhere) from the list. Press the Continue button.

7. Enter your ImOn Watch TV Everywhere log in information.

8. To complete your MAX GO sign up you will need to create a MAX GO ID and enter your email address and zip code. Press teh Create button.

9. You have completed the HBO GO registration process! At this step you also have the option to set Parental Controls.

If the pop up window "Primary Account Not Yet Registered", appears you will need to first register the Primary ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account. To find this information log into your ImOn Watch TV Everywhere account, click on the Manage Account tab at the top of the page and select Display Registered Accounts. The primary account will be labeled "Primary" under the Acct Type column.


How to Register for HBO Max

Follow the instructions below for how to register for HBO Max.

There are several different ways you can access HBO Max - through ImOn's Watch TV Everywhere, by downloading the HBO Max App, or by visiting

Once you have accessed HBO Max, follow these easy steps to log in. 

  • Step 1 - Click "Sign In," located in the upper right corner of the web page or represented by the Sign-in-icon.png icon on the app.

  • Step 2 - Choose the option to "Sign in with a TV or mobile provider" and select ImOn Communications from the list.
  • Step 3 - You will then be directed to a page where you sign in with your Watch TV Everywhere user ID (email address) and password.

  • Step 4 - Set up an HBO Max Profile.

  • Step 5- Now you ready to stream

    For more information or help with accessing HBOMax, click here.