Pay Per View

Upcoming Pay Per View Events

Catch all the action from the comfort of your home with ImOn Pay Per View! Live events from title fights to world championships all from the best seat in the house - your house! Just ORDER with your ImOn remote. 


How to Order a Pay-Per-View

If you have an ImOn set-top box with a digital guide, follow the directions below. The box you order the Pay-Per-View event on will be the only box that you can view the event on. 

  1.  Press the GUIDE button on your remote control. The Interactive Programming Guide screen will appear with the program you are currently watching highlighted.
  2. Press the Page Up or Down arrow buttons on your remote to move through the channel guide. Press the Right and Left arrow buttons to move through the time periods until you locate and highlight the desired program. Pay Per View events are located on channels #400-408.
  3. Press the SELECT button to tune to a highlighted channel for a Pay Per View event. If you are still able to order the event, the preview screen appears with event information and the following options:
    1. Press "A" for a Purchase Summary if the event has not yet started
    2. Press "B" to purchase the program for viewing Note: Pay Per View events may be ordered 1 hour before the event begins until 3 hours after the event begins.
  4. When you press "B" to purchase the program for viewing, a 4-digit PIN Entry screen appears asking for your Personal identification Number (PIN). If you do nit know your PIN number, call ImOn Customer Care at 319-298-6484.
  5. Enter your PIN to authorize the Pay Per View purchase - OR - press "C" to cancel the purchase and return to the Program Guide.

Note: Once the purchase has been authorized, a confirmation message appears for a few seconds on your television screen if the program has already started. Otherwise, an attention screen counts down until the program begins.

If you have additional questions, contact ImOn Customer Care at 298-6484, Monday - Thursday 9am - 6pm, Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - Noon.