ImOn Digital Video Recorder (DVR) gives you the convenience and control to watch and record your favorite shows according to your schedule.


Controlling Live TV:

Use the following remote control keys to control a live program in the main screen:

  • PLAY
  • LIVE

For example, when you are watching your favorite live TV program and the telephone rings, press PAUSE to pause the program for up to 1 hour and press PLAY to resume the normal play mode.

While in play mode press REWIND or FAST-FORWARD to reverse or advance the program.

To replay the last 8 seconds of a live or recorded program press INSTANT REPLAY.

If you have rewound or paused a live program, press LIVE at any time to catch up to the live TV program.

Record a TV Program you are Watching

  1. DVR_Confirm_Recording.pngPress RECORD Record.png.
  2. While in the Confirm Recording screen, choose your recording options and press  A.png. The Record indicator is now lit on the front panel of the DVR.



Recording a TV Program from the Program Guide:

  1. Press GUIDE  Guide.png.
  2. Press the DIRECTIONAL KEYS Directional_Keys.png to highlight a TV program, and the press RECORD Record.png.

  3. In the Confirm Recording screen, choose your recording options and press A.png. The recording program is highlighted in red in the Program Guide.


Record Multiple Episodes of a TV Program

If you want to record all the episodes of a program follow these steps:

  1. DVR_Confirm_Recording.pngPress GUIDE Guide.png.   
  2. Press the DIRECTIONAL KEYS Directional_Keys.png to highlight the TV program, and then press RECORD Record.png.

  3. Choose All Episodes. Notice the information in the fourth column changes, based on your selection. Press A.png. If you selected All Episodes from the third column, the All Episode Recording Options screen appears.

  4. DVR_All_Episode_Recording_Options.pngChoose one of the options on the screen.

  5. Press SELECTSelect.png to save your settings. 




Access and Play Back Your Recorded Programs Anytime

  1. Press LIST List.png.    DVR_Recorded_List.png
  2. Press MOVE UPMove_Up.png or MOVE DOWN Move_Down.png to highlight the recording you want to watch.
  3. Press SELECT Select.png to display your options.