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Cable TV Help

Thank you for choosing ImOn Cable TV!
This section is full of everything you need to keep your cable experience up to date and unique to you! Whether you're a sports fan, movie buff, or you want to stay current with the latest news reports, ImOn has a variety of cable TV packages to fit your needs.

Cable Packages:

Local Service:  All the basics that you need for local programming including local network television.

Local Plus: Expand our basic local service package with 67 additional national programming channels, plus all Local Service channels.

Digital Cable Packs: ImOn Digital Cable Packs allow you to add the channels you watch to your Local Plus Cable package. No longer do you have to pay for the channels you don't watch, select from three digital pack options. Requires Local Plus service and includes one digital set top box, remote control and interactive program guide.

Family Pack: includes 8 additional channels -
American Heroes Channel, BBC America, Discovery Life, Disney XD, FYI, Viceland, and Nat Geo Wild.

Movies & Music Pack: includes 8 additional channels and 40 digital music channels -
Chiller, Esquire, EWTN, FX Movie Channel, GAC Family, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, LMN (Lifetime Movie Network), Ovation and Stingray Music Channels (40 music channels).

Sports and Info Pack: Includes 14 additional channels -
Big Ten Network Alternate 1 & 2, Comcast SportsNet Plus, Magnolia Network, ESPNU, Fox Business Network, GSN, Golf Channel, NFL Network, Outdoor Channel, SEC Network & Alternate, Sportsman Channel, and Tennis Channel.

Digital Choice: ImOn Digital Choice Cable Service includes over 150 channels, including all channels in the Local and Local Plus Service packages PLUS all channels in the 3 Digital Packs, and one digital set top box, remote control and interactive program guide.