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How To's - Email

1. Q. How to Log into your ImOn Email Account
2. Q. Composing and Sending Emails

3. Q. Adding Contacts to your ImOn Address Book

4. Q. Your ImOn Email Calendar

5. Q. Your ImOn Email Settings Tab

1. A. How to Log into your ImOn Email Account
Go to the ImOn website at www.MyImOn.com
In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Login to ImOn Mail box.

Enter your Email Address and Password and click Login.

A new window will open with your email homepage:

2. A. Composing and Sending Emails
Here you can compose emails, search emails, go to your calendar, add email addresses and more!To compose an email, click the New drop down menu at the top left of your email homepage.
Select New Email from the drop down menu. You will be taken to the screen below.
In the "To" box, type the email address you wish to send the message.
In the "Subject" box, add the subject of the email. For example: "Dinner on Sunday" or "Budget Meeting."
Type your message.
To send the email, click Send Email at the bottom of the page.
To attach a document, picture, or video, click Add Attachment in the bottom right.
To save your email as a draft so you can re-visit it at a later date, click Save as Draft

3. A. Adding Contacts to your ImOn Address Book
Click the Contacts tab on the top menu bar.
Click New Contact on the top left corner.
Here you can add contacts to your address book by filling in the contact fields.
To save your entry, click Save Contact at the bottom of the form. 

4. A. Your ImOn Email Calendar
To access your calendar, click the Calendar tab on the top menu bar. This will bring you to your calendar, where you can add events, meetings, and reminders.
To add an event, find the correct date on the calendar, click on the time of the event so that it is highlighted (see purple bar entitled "New Event.") A box will appear to the left of hte highlighted time.
Complete the form and click Save

5. A. Your ImOn Email Settings Tab
1. By clicking the Settings tab on the top menu bar you can customize your email account to your needs and preferences.
Webmail Settings: displays your account name and available memory. It also allows you to create or change your email signature.
Anti-Spam Settings: allows you to control the spam sensitivity of your email account and allows you to flag emails from a specific address as spam.
Email Filters: allows you to control your email filter.
Mail Options: allows you to enable forwarding and autoreply on your email account.
Change Password: allows you to create a new password by verifying your old password and re-typing your new password.
2. To save your settings, click Save Settings in the top right corner. 
ImOn_Email_8.pngTo return to your email homepage, click the Email tab on the top menu bar.